Teaching What Others Don’t

Posted March 27, 2017, in Blog

As spring moves along, we have begun to teach motion offense. Motion offense functions as the offensive player reads the defense and moves according to how the defense play you. This skills needs are: How to cut to the basket, & ball.  How to screen, & how to cut off those screens. Motion offense is … Read More

Networks Basketball Blog

Posted February 1, 2017, in Basketball Camps, Blog

Be Apart of the Teach & Compete Spring at Networks. Every program will have an aspect of Competitive play. So If you are looking for a program that combines professional coaching with competitive play Networks has the program for you. The offseason is a time to improve your game, not just play a bunch of … Read More

Networks Basketball Blog

Posted November 4, 2015, in Basketball Camps, Blog

Fall Programs have begun. The Season is right around the corner

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