NetWorks Basketball Camps & Training Programs

Reach your goals with help from NetWorks Basketball! We have basketball programs for players of all ages, elementary through college prep. Make the team, score the basket, play with friends—whatever your goals are, our professional coaches will show you the steps to achieve them. Now it’s just up to you to have fun and work hard!

Read about our basketball programs below to find the right one for you or your player.

Elementary Player Skills Development: Fundamentals of Basketball

Young players want to learn the game because they know that basketball is more fun when played with skill, intelligence and enthusiasm. Parents want their children to get a solid grounding in basketball fundamentals and ball handling because they understand that habits developed when young last a lifetime. We want every child to play hard, play smart and improve. LEARN MORE

NetWorks Basketball Shooters’ Club

Every player can become a better shooter if they have determination, persistence and just a little help – but there are no shortcuts. You can’t talk yourself into being a good shooter. You can’t play yourself into being a good shooter. Wishful thinking won’t make it happen. You must work yourself into taking better shots. At Shooters’ Club, we run shooting drills and take shot after shot from every angle as our coaches help you improve your shooting technique. LEARN MORE

Pre-Season Training Camps

Team tryouts begin November 1. The good players will be wearing a jersey on November 14. The best players will see playing time in December. Go after your goals by preparing in the pre-season: make your basketball team, then earn your playing time. LEARN MORE

League Play (1 on 1 Play)

Once a player has developed a solid grounding in the basics, it’s time to bring what has been learned onto the court and match it up with players with comparable skills in a competitive setting. LEARN MORE

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